Advertising Rates

Advertisement is the best way to make people know what your organisation is about, and what you have to offer. Grab an ad space on and get heard. Plus We offer the Best rates ever. You can choose to feature an item you are selling or have your banner placed on our website to boost traffic to your site.

Featured Ads Rates

When you post an ad on you can request for it to be featured, this makes  your item appear at the top of all other ads and makes it more visible to site visitors. choose the duration you want to feature your ads below.

Featured AdsDurationCostPromo Price
Option 12 weekGH¢70.00GH¢50.00
Option 23 weeksGH¢130.00GH¢90.00
Option 34 weeksGH¢200.00GH¢130.00
Option 45 weeksGH¢270.00GH¢180.00
Option 56 MonthsGH¢850.00GH¢650.00
Option 612 MonthsGH¢950.00GH¢850.00

Banner Advertising Rates

Banner Location Banner Size Cost Promo Price
Top 846(w)px x 90(h)px GH¢350.00 GH¢180.00
Right Top 160(w)px x 600(h)px GH¢330.00 GH¢250.00
Left 160(w)px x 600(h)px GH¢330.00 GH¢250.00
Down846(w)px x 90(h)pxGH¢300.00GH¢160.00

All prices are for 3 months excluding Banner Design Cost. Banners should be in jpg, gif or flash format. Not exceeding 120kb.

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Updated: 3-04-2019